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This information is applied for general participants. JEARN will not apply the explanation here to "invited iEARN country coordinators, representatives, and contact persons" in terms of the registration.

  • Conference fees in Japanese Yen:

    For the Conference:

    •  Non-JEARN member: 5,000 yen
    •  JEARN member: 3,000yen

    The applicant as a JEARN member until September 30, 2007 will discount 2,000 yen for enrollment fee.

    For the Accommodation:
    JEARN can prepare your accommodation nearby the conference venue on August 23 and August 24 night. (For more detail, please read below.)

    •  Accommodation: 4,500 yen / 1 night
    •  Breakfast Ticket (Buffet, Aug.24 and/or Aug.25): 630 yen
    •  Dinner Ticket (Buffet, Aug.23): 1,260 yen

    For the Conference Lunch/Dinner:
    The conference fees excludes luncheons and conference dinner. If you wish to take lunch and dinner on site, please let the staff know at the reception desk in the conference site.

  • About registration:
    Registration is done with e-mail or postal mail. Please write down the following information on the mail. (If you handwrite, PLEASE PRINT)
    • Information required for the registration:
      1. Name
      2. Name, Address, TEL, and FAX of your affiliation
      3. Address, TEL, FAX of your house
      4. Your e-mail address
      5. Your member status (If you are a JEARN member)
      6. Date to participate ( Aug. 24, Aug. 25, or Both )
      7. Date or scheduled date of your bank/postal transfer
      8. Total and Breakdown of your bank/postal transfer
        •  Conference Fee ( e.g.. non-JEARN member, 5,000yen x 1 person )
        •  Accommodation Fee ( e.g. the night(s) to stay, and the fee )

  • Address to register
    • E-mail:
    • Postal mail:
      (Mr.) Satoru Fujitani, #101, 7-12-11, Minami-aoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062

  • About bank/postal transfer of your conference fees:
    Please pay your amount for the conference in advance to the conference.
    • For Postal transfer:
      • Number: 00900-7-74939 
      • Name:Yoko Takagi
    • For Bank transfer:
      • (A) Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Takatsuki-ekimae Branch
        • Account No.: FUTSUU (Ordinary account) 0788398
      • (B) Japan Net Bank, Honten Eigyobu Branch
        • Account No.: FUTSUU (Ordinary account) 6154935
    • Cancellation policy:
      Please notice
      JEARN will NOT return the conference fees after you have paid..
    • Receipt of you transfer:
      For the confirmation of your payment, please bring with you and show the receipt of your bank/postal transfer when you appear at the conference site.

  • About Accommodation:
    The participants can book the accommodation nearby the conference venue.
    • Date: August 23 (Thurs.) and/or August 24 (Fri.) : max. 2 nights
    • Accommodation: "BUMB" Tokyo Sports and Cultural Center


    • Room: western style bedroom share by upto five (5) persons
      Room sharing may create inconvenience for you, but the room charge is quite cheap than any other accommodation nearby the venue.


    • Deadline for the booking: Friday, July 20, 2007
      - The deadline is subject to change when the accommodation is full.


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